hip hop scum

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  1. The glorification of street vermin was a bad sign for society as a 'hole'

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  2. Funny, whenever you tell someone you don't like something they tell you you don't understand it.

    Be it music , bitcoin, mayonnaise on rye.

    Couldn't be you just think it sucks.
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    I can't take it that sampling snatches or instrumental lines form other musical genres is the same as being influenced by them, nor has the same value. Musical form + influence = development of a new musical style which is neither of the originators but draws from both. I don't think copying is a form of development.

    But I think you know this too and have maybe just chosen a weak example - anything else you would suggest please?
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  4. my homlies

    I do likes hiphop, but as comedy, not art. knowwhatimeans
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  5. This is the best thread on et, not that that means much
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  6. I mean seriously, the more I actually look at this shit, the more vile and stupid it gets.

    You want to defend this mental midget garbage, be my guest. I'm more in the #MAGA camp, not the #MAVA.
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    But it’s true.

    When Wu Tang Clan, for example, uses Chinese music, Kung Fu fighting and other imagery as samples in its rough hip hop tracks, they have been influenced by the sound. This was, in fact, considered groundbreaking at the time. The combination of Black American and East Asian music and cultures.

    Much music is derivative (not all, of course) and that’s because people like to play and make music that sounds good to them (that they’ve heard before). Rare artists can produce truly unique sounds that have no influence.

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    Stop watching this new shit.
    The new hip hop is pretty bad.
    I say that as a long time hip hop listener. I realize I might be out of touch and I’ve really listened to some of the new shit. The volume of crap is higher than ever before.

    Listen to an entire Digable Planets album (non-Gangsta Rap) and tell me you can’t appreciate it. Maybe you can’t.
    But have an open mind, brah!
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  9. sorry bro, I just sampled 4 or 5 of that Digable and each and every one sounded the same and the same as every other craprap.

    I can't be hip no tized into calling shit shinola.
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  10. Before the degenerates took over, we had this. No one will be listening to that hiphop swill in 20 years

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