hip hop scum

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  1. This is music. Don't know what you call the other stuff

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  2. LacesOut


    You cannot possibly comment on it unless you listen to it.
    I understand you don’t want to listen to it...so you can’t have an informed opinion about it.
    To each his own....
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  3. LacesOut


    I think my ear is sophisticated too...
    And I generally don’t like country music but will admit that there are a few great country songs.
    Would never listen to it or seek it out.
    The whole genre is just corn fed White whining about pickup trucks and love lost.
    And rock music is just drugged out nymphos screaming and wailing on guitars making noise.

    Or wait - maybe I’m just being ignorant about this.

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  4. LacesOut


    It’s nice. Of course.
    But we are talking about hip hop.
    Comparing the two is like comparing pizza and chicken wings.
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  5. Well, ok, but since I dislike hip hop, how can I compare it to a hip hop I like?

    And whenever I listen to it, I'm mostly nauseated, or bored, or not amused at all, on any level.
    So you're mistaken, I've heard it, I just don't like it.

    Lots of stuff I like ,and don't like, not only HH. I'm no big fan of country, heavy metal, opera, etc. But I have a massive collection of records and digital audio of stuff I do like, all styles.

    I live to admire this , knowwhatImean?
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  6. tomorton


    All current musical forms are influenced by some others, but hip hop combines almost all into one? Surely not? It doesn't really sound like others and its hard to pick out these influences - what are they, how do they show?

    Maybe there are gospel lyrics in the rap style over a hip hop track, but I hadn't heard that was a significant branch of the genre. Is it really? Of course its possible to find rock music with spiritual lyrics, overtly Christian even, but that doesn't in any way change rock music.

    I think you're really stretching this thin but maybe you have more behind what you say?
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  7. Hip hop is a combo of

    17th century chamber music


    a chamber pot

    thanks for the idea
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  8. LacesOut


    I think you can hear rock, jazz, funk, blues, gospel, even classical music in hip hop.
    Because the music is mostly sample based...and so, a lot of it is mixed and fused to create the beats we know and love.
    My understanding is that rapping is a century old art, traced back to Africa, where tribes lyrically told their family stories over gentle drum beats.
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  9. you mean stealing samples is a form of influence? hmmmm maybe.

    "over gentle drum beats."

    clearly, not imported.
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  10. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

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