hip hop scum

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  1. nothing to admit, I did listen to a bit of it, but not all.

    point is, there are folks that agree with me, maybe for different reasons.
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  2. tomorton


    I never deliberately listen to rap music. But then I never deliberately listen to opera or classical music.

    So what are the good things that the hip hop musical form is doing?
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  3. Keeps a lot of folks that would be mugging old ladies off the street
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  4. LacesOut


    Hip Hop is a unique genre.
    It combines almost all genres of music into one.
    Rap lyrics are a modern form of gospel - a look into the lives of the mostly Black ghetto life, and the rise into riches. Some rap lyrics are about peace and understanding and love, no different than other ballads.

    Currently, in my opinion, hip hop isn't as good as it was when I started listening to it.
    Mumble rap (see the first few links I posted) is considered, by purists, to be lazy, unimaginative, stupid and dangerous to the genre. And yet, it's very popular. Insanely popular. I think this is a testament to how stupid society has become, and in that respect, Soes and I are in agreement.

    But then again - listen to Soes link about the fall of Hip Hop Culture and realize that those who hate the genre are just as stupid as those who love Mumble Rap.

    The amount of great hip hop that exists, though, far out weigh the mumblers and stupid repetitive thugs that Soes associates with all hip hop.
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  5. LacesOut


    Such a great album! Great lyrics and solid beats. Listen with headphones for best effect!

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  6. LacesOut


    Here's an awesome album.
    More instrumental for those who hate to hear young black men talking.
    Brilliant DJ work.
    Shadow is a legend.

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  7. LacesOut


    I don't know anyone who doesn't like Digable...
    Here's the soulful, peaceful, loveable hip hop lyrics that is in the minority...
    Tell me you can't listen to Ladybug without melting...

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  8. LacesOut


    More DJ Shadow like..
    Great Abstract stuff!
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  9. You seem like a bright guy, lacesout, but whatever you and the millions of hip hop fans are getting from the sound, I don't hear.

    I have a fairly sophisticated ear, so maybe I just cant accept the simplistic nonsense behind much of the noise. Maybe there is something, somewhere I'd like, but I won't be wading through the cesspool to get to it.

    I'm not about the ghetto anyhow. Maybe if someone did pro America Trumprap , I'd be into it ;-)
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  10. Compare hip hop to the work of this legendary black artist, keyboardist and composer. Tell me if there's any comparison in the art

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