hip hop scum

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    This is hardly rap...it's more new wave rock...
    everything is derivative...
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    The one who invented free flowing rap, spitting out lyrics like they were going out of style is the one an only RAKIM.

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  4. Im never wrong

    Ismism [Aka: Snack Attack] is a music studio album recording by GODLEY & CREME (Prog Related/Progressive Rock) released in 1981 on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. ... The opening Snack attack (which gives the US release its name), could well be described as rap, the song having a Pet Shop Boys (West End Girls) feel.
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  5. Am these your peeples?

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    Pet Shop Boys - New Wave...
    Hardly RAP....
    very subjective...
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    These are my peeps.
    18 years old when they produced this album..
    I don't imagine you will listen to it, but the production quality, lyrics, beats, are all legendary...
    for 1994...

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  9. scanned it. same as all the other stuff. 99% of it indistinguishable from each other . sounds like they sampled to death

    and these guys are supposedly the cream

    hey, beats dealing crack on the corner.
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