hip hop scum

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  1. vanzandt


    You've just never walked in their shoes.
    And you can never hope to feel what the people that this sound means so much to... feel.
    Some rap does suck. And its a worn out template from a production standpoint.
    But so is some music of all the genres.
    Is it music?
    No one can answer that.
    I enjoy birds in the spring trumpeting the new sunrise.
    Is that music?
    You fail to understand the words of which they emote.
    And there's nothing wrong with that.
    But to judge it like you are an authority and to write as such... is truly a sign of lower IQ.

    The world resonates with music that can inspire the soul... but it only works for those who are wise enough to feel that power.
    When I see a kid boppin down the street or I hear the car next to me blasting something that I would never in a million years seek out for myself...I smile.
    Thats music Soes.
    Don't be a dummy.
    I thought you smarter.
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  2. thought the analogy was apt

    look, that tribe shit aint music and it aint singing its a generic backbeat with some ghetto talk. 50 minutes of the unintelligible no less.

    99.9 % of rap is the same .

    like I say, the masses like it. doesn't mean I have to call shit , shinola,

    you wanna hear rap done right, check out some of 10cc 's old stuff, done long before these clowns were around .

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  3. I see that tribe was big. Who cares, I find hip hop pretty vile and a celebration of the worst elements of the ghetto. great for the $$$$$$$$ it brings in, but the music itself is putrid.

    suck on this for a while
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  4. vanzandt


    Didn't most gospel music come from the worst of slavery, ie working in the fields?
    And where did rock and roll come from?
    Gospel music.
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  5. tomorton


    This thread spurred me on to think about this musical style.

    Whether its garbage or gold is a matter of personal taste, but in any case, rapping is not singing as such, though that's not a negative. Its a style of spoken or chanted rhythmic vocal delivery over hip hop musical backing. On the plus side, the vocal artists seek to extemporise their styles and contents, develop new means of communication within the boundaries of the form, and I do respect their motivations. As this isn't singing, any range of emotional content and suggestion of mood from the quality of vocal delivery is almost absent.

    Social commentary is there but not well developed. Emotional ranges portrayed by lyricists and protagonists is narrow and often appears to be merely anger. The emphatic focus on issues concerning participation in criminal behaviour and intra-relationship abuse suggest immature levels of personal development (or possibly that's the focus for the benefit of the style's buyers).

    The music underneath the vocals is secondary and in a narrow spectrum. There is little scope for personal musical skills or exploration of different time signatures or tempos. The range of instrumentation is narrow, the sound balances between instruments is dominated by over-familiar drum/bass partnerships with heavy emphasis given to bass. Solo instrumental breaks and performances are rare. Instrumental pieces seem rare and might even be excluded from the genre but I stand willing to be corrected on this.

    All in all, this is a narrow musical style, poorly developed in its content and form, with limited communication with its audience and little obvious direction for future development.
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  6. I like the post but

    "The music underneath the vocals is secondary and in a narrow spectrum"

    I disagree . That music is designed to appeal to the most primitive instincts of the most primitive minds.

    Nothing to do with race, plenty of white idiots out there.
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    In case you haven't figured it out Soes... the whole fucking human race is primitive.
    The world spends billions and billions and billions on the instruments of war.
    To keep us safe?
    Because we're all primitive.
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    You might know some good examples to quote here. I couldn't think of any but then its not my style of music.
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  9. Maybe you misunderstood my point.

    The 'music' if you can call it that, is indeed narrow, but not secondary. Designed to hypnotize the weak minded
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  10. LacesOut


    This is one of the stupidest videos i've listened to in a while.
    A guy making gagging noises, cursing all throughout his 'argument', repeating shit over and over...
    It's just a hater Latino raging about Blacks/Hip Hop Culture...
    This, is one of the dumbest things i've had to 'suck on' for a long time...
    Find a better argument. They are out there.

    And yes, Tribe was big, because their beats are solid and their lyrics are tight...
    But ATCQ was never HUGE. Most people don't know about them.
    In Hip Hop, generally speaking, the more popular the music is, the worse it is. The more underground stuff, like in all genres of music, is much more groundbreaking and interesting.

    Music for the meat grinders, whether it's Kenny Chesney or Kelly Clarkson....generally is soft and weak and light...great in Dentists offices...
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