Hints for an hour long mock trading session at CME

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  1. I need to go through a mock trading session at CME as a part of a hiring process. What would strategies would you suggest for an hour long trading? Thank you for your time and consideration.
  2. in this market just buy every dip.
  3. Thanks. It can be pretty much any instrument, isn't it?:)
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    An hour long trade...use pivots... have tight stops on hammers and anvils and it will show your discipline and ability to follow a trend.
  5. I taught several mock trading seminars at the CBOT. Mostly visiting grad students, ect.

    I presume you'll be "trading" with other job candidates?

    If so, do one thing and one thing only. SCRATCH YOUR TRADES! Your employer will be looking to see how you manage risk while under fire. In order to scratch (buy and sell at the same price) ONLY BUY THE BID or ONLY SELL AT THE OFFER. 90% of the people there will be clueless. Just stay composed, do what I told you and under no circumstances try to be a hero.
  6. Are you saying that I need to build volume while not losing money? Keeping even is the goal as I understand.
  7. Exactly. If you're adept you'll see that making (fake) money is easy but I have no way of knowing your skill level. Ever clerk on the floor?
  8. Nope. a recent grad in finance and economics. Trading FX futures at StockTrak investment game is the furthest I went.
  9. Well in that case just don't look like a dork. :p
  10. Must be SMW?? Bid or offer with size, scracth when it starts to go, take your 1 tick winner. They will love it.
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