Hindu Mob trying to Kill Muslim Students with police watching

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    I found this link in other forum and have no idea about it's source.

    Member who posted this link in other forum says-: Hindus beating muslim student with Indian police watching after mumbai attacks

  2. This is what we need , to let more of these fine people immigrate here.
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    I would say "Hindu violence" and "English violence" against Muslims is Justified/correct because the way "Islamic terrorist's" behead people, gun down people, Blow up buildings, car, airplanes.

    Saudi Arabia and Kuwait considers Hindus as Cats and Dogs. People in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait think Hindus and English people are inferior.

    Just because God has provided "Oil reserves" in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait they are among the richest in the world.

    But the fact is Saudis and Kuwaiti are "Hindu slaves" and "English slaves" (by nature). They are useless, worthless, weak, and inferior. IF SOMEONE SLAPS A SAUDI AND KUWAITI HE WILL DIE INSTANTLY.

    Time has come for a "new world". BEWARE RICH MUSLIMS.
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    Kuwaitis have a cradle-to-grave government policy that cares for all of it's citizens. No Kuwaiti has to work if he or she doesn't want to. However, fossil fuels are fast becoming, well, fossils. We won't need Kuwaiti oil in a couple of decades. It will be interesting to see how Kuwaitis market themselves in the job market. It will be ironic to read that Kuwaiti housecleaners are being abused in the Phillipine Islands. I'll try not to laugh too hard.
  5. They can always go back to the national pastime, sodomizing camels.
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    I am posting a website link that has "beheading videos", "car blasts videos", "shooting videos" by islamist terrorist

    This website has 8 - 10 "beheading videos" (people's head been cut-off completely)