Hindenburg Omen - Aug 12

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  1. Just sayin. We had a Hindenburg hit on August 12, after a near miss on the 11th.

    23/25 times the hindenburg omen took us at down at least 5% from the confirmation day, within 40 or so days

    Do you believe we are setting up for a major crash? Going for a slight 5% derailment? Or will the hindenburg omen fail?
  2. What is the hindenburg omen. Is it a chart pattern? Can you explain in more detail?
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    5% decline in next 40 days is a major crash?
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    Smoking on rigid airships...
  5. If the market had crashed as many times as these indicators said then no one could get anything done, to many false signals
  6. I just did some research on the hidenberg omen. One occurance of the event in a 36 day period only predicts a 2.7% down move, which I'd say lies within the average volatility of the market anyway.

    It's an interesting way to look at the market though. Markets do not usually have a large number of stocks making yearly highs and lows at the same time so it makes sense, that something unusual is happening under these conditions.
  7. don't forget about the near-miss hidenberg on Aug 11 as OP stated...
  8. Nice phrasing, "it's an interesting way to look!" Jim is blind as a mole.

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    You need something more reliable like economists! They've predicted 23 of the last 8 recessions !!

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    5% within 40 days?

    Wow, that is a HUGE percentage and a SMALL window.


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