Hindenberg OMEN

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  1. only index stocks are rallying...this market rally is not broad market based..retail investors not participating and volume is very thin..

    no profit taking since nobody bought.

    i say it's mostly shorts buying to cover..in this thin and dull market. mutual funds rarely sell either or the market is too thin to sell. large positions..
  2. so when exactly was the last Hindenburg omen ? And what is it exactly ? I don't think it has worked really well back in 06-07 , there were several of them while the market kept going higher.
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    This is a media created term. Never heard of it.
  4. up on hot air ballloon market.

    volume is light. 100 shares or no volume.

    up on light volume. or no volume...market goes up because the s&p futures says so. market is fixed..there is no free market. which is why it sucks. to daytrade. slow trending markets suck...there is no mean reversion.

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    I do not disagree with ya', but it was used in August to spread fear and doubt and marked a short-term low. It is a bullshit indicator.
  6. if it was really bull market you have all stocks rising but only handfuld of thinly traded stocks participating...100 shares it means there is no conviction or real support for the market at this level.

    fake bids. or shill bids to do short sqeeze or paint the tape since FED wants the market up.

    the problem if the FED leaves this market and let it trade freely is f#cked...
  7. There are not enough samples for it to be even statistically significant. It is pure bullshit that the media/blogs runs with to sell advertising or generate web-clicks.