Hindenberg omen triggered last night

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thriftybob, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. per Robert McHugh email
  2. empee


    doesnt that mean a correction within 60 days? I remember it has to do will new highs == new lows or something.
  3. patoo


    yeah, like all the rest


    We're fishin for a bottom here, thats it!
  4. yup, YOU buy the dip, LOL
  5. Dip buyers got their clocks cleaned again today.

    So tell me...

    How do you recognize a bear market?

    I read its when any rally becomes a selling opportunity.
  6. Great another indicator that means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
  7. gnome


    Unfortunately bear markets are well entrenched (often, near the end) before they are generally accepted. Dip buyers will be savaged all the way down.
  8. patoo


    Not all dip buyers called Friday the low of the dip, buster.

    We are still fishin' for the bottom

    #10     Jun 26, 2007