Hillary's ATM - Filled With Sold Out American Workers

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    "For the past couple of months, a stream of presidential candidates have spent time in Silicon Valley, with four of them speaking at Google headquarters in Mountain View.

    But Carl Guardino, the CEO of the leadership group, said it's time the candidates stop considering Silicon Valley their "ATM machine" and started making deposits.

    Clinton received a round of applause when she said she supports increasing the current cap on H1B visas. She advocated relaxing green card restrictions of engineers "so they don't go home."

    Guardino pointed out that 53 percent of all engineers in Silicon Valley are foreign born and three of 10 new jobs are created by foreign born CEOs."

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    dont worry, hillary's got a plan to keep kids in tech, after they see their parents sold out

    "And she laughingly noted that the next generation must get a message
    that science, engineering and math -- the "stem" studies, a reference to
    science, technology, engineering and math -- are both fun and hip.

    "We've got all these reality shows about singing and modeling and hair
    styling,'' she said. "Let's do some reality shows about innovation. ...
    Let's have some prizes out there and try to get young people to start
    thinking that way.

    "If we could have some really good programming about math students and
    engineers that would get people excited, and you know, they could walk
    around in great-looking clothes and be really attractive,'' she said
    with a laugh.

    She urged executives to "please think about some series that would give
    real sex appeal to stem" -- "and let's get it done.''

    Clinton pushes innovation to Silicon Valley leadership

    This article appeared on page A - 4 of the San Francisco Chronicle
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    Ok, I think I get it. She wants more students to study "stem" subject's but then she also wants to increase HB1 visa's, which will tend to keep wages low, which will tend to keep students from pursuing these as a career. Got it!
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    kids arent avoiding tech because hillary's supressing wages and replacing people with h-1bs, they're avoiding it because it isnt portrayed positivly in a reality TV show

    Hillary gets that

    here's another idea

    'This is your sad life', a reality tv show where celebrity politicians get exposed for the sold out scum that they are

    bill went for monica, because he wanted someone less sleazy for a change
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    woulnt it be better for her to let people keep their jobs and buy their own healthcare?
  7. I'm so happy that we've had Dick Cheney looking out for the average American for the last eight years.
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    i've never understood the 'but the republicans arent any better' defense

    is that your standard?

    republicans have never made any bones about being the party of big business

    democrats have always claimed to be the party of working people

    yet, hillary literally buys private jet fuel with money from an atm bought with american jobs