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    Those that vote for Hillary are helping to facilitate their own demise.
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  2. Yeah we should vote for someone who knows nothing and does not know he knows nothing nor wants to learn anything, like Trump.


    Yes he actually used the word "bigly" multiple times. It's incredible that someone so dumb can still make so much money.
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  4. Soooo true... they don't realize what they've allowed themselves to be sucked into.

    (Odumbo "telegraphed" his intent to destroy America, but the parasites/moochers and "wanna show how racist we're not by voting for a black man" sheeple elected him anyway.... TWICE! Holy CRAP! How stupid can the American electorate be?)
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    I myself use the term "big league" all the time.-as does Trump.
  6. Wow, that's a lot of information to take in. You must have spent all night writing that post, just as it has taken all morning for Scataphagos and peilthetraveler to read it.
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    Have you ever noticed that liberals, who fancy themselves to be the compassionate people, descend to personal attacks nearly immediately?
  8. That's the thanks I get for commending you on your Trojan effort.
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    There is a reason for this of course----Liberals cannot win on issues. Their positions are not able to be argued favorably nor defended successfully , and so they feel the need to cloud the discussion and mis-direct
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