Hillary wants 5 yr Int. Rate FREEZE!

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  1. And a 5 Billion dollar fund to keep people IN homes they can't afford.
    Pass the wodka, Comrade, it's cold.
    Maria CNBC asked Hillary where the money would come from.
    Sen. Clinton said "it would come from where it would come from"...
    Literal quote on that one gang...I'm amazed at this shit.
  2. Daal


    price controls welcome back, we missed you, this is looking so much like the 70s
  3. She will never get elected as president. And I will take any and all bets to the contrary.

    no worries...
  4. She can bullshit with the best of them. I don't want her as president, but she's got a pretty good shot!

    As for me, I'd like to do a clean sweep, get rid of them all, wipe a bunch of laws off the books, and start over!

    In lieu of that, give me a guiliani, or anyone that keeps the balance of power in check!
  5. She's chilling. It's like a grade school teacher from the fifties with their hair in a bun, and those clunky shoes. They 'd read from the Bible and scare the shit out of you, and that's what she does to me.

    Maybe they should elect her. That way, the Ice on the Poles wouldn't melt, and Al Gore would be happy.
  6. Typical "Eat The Rich" bullshit. She's nothing more than a "tax and spend" democrat.

    Sure, lets go ahead an fuck up the real estate market real good and put a false floor into housing for the most unqualified buyers.

    Stop the ride, I want off!

    Good Luck!
  7. You have to admit though, Maria looked like Giselle standing next too Hillbilly.
  8. She's a serious dirtbag. An EVIL woman scorned! She is gonna punish us all just because slick willie got caught chubby chasing with his hand still up the skirt.

    I will probably move to Argentina for the next 4-8 years like Mr. Faith.:D
  9. Yeah this is nuts. If everyone gets a free ride I am not working my ass off anymore.

    That is bullshit.

    I busted my ass to scrimp and save and buy a house within my means and learn to trade while doing the 9 to 5 thing....and then all these losers who just bought some crazy ass house beyond their means are a) getting to stay in it because someone else is footing the bill b) I will be among those footing said fucking bill.

    Argentina sounds pretty good after all.
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