Hillary vs McCain --> 'Who Cares'?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LT701, Feb 6, 2008.

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    Q: 'Who's my favorite open borders candidate'?

    A: 'I really dont have one'

    dont 'hillary this' and 'hillary that' me

    i wont vote for mccain

    nose held or otherwise
  2. McCain will never get my vote, never. Neither will Hillary for that matter, though . . .
  3. With any luck the backstabbing prick will get booed off the stage at CPAC tomorrow.

    Now we can look forward to 9 months of lectures from party hacks that we "owe" it to the party and country to vote for him because Obillary will be so awful. Their favorite line is that the next president will appoint some Supreme Court justices. So what? McCain already showed throught his leadership of the gang of 14 that he has no backbone for a confirmation fight. He will nominate David Souter/Sandra Day O'Connor types.

    My advice is to move to a gated community with armed security. With another 50 million or so illegal immigrants heading here to go on welfare, this country will be more like mexico than the land that Reagan left us.
  4. Obama?
  5. lol... same same same same... all CFR scum.
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    Who the hell <I>is</I> voting for McCain???? i havent talked to one republican or moderate that says they like McCain or will vote for him...how the hell is he winning all these states?
  7. Good question. Moderates and independents, they say. I think it is largely composed of non-political people who recognize his name and have a favorable opinion from the media, ie Straight Talk Express, Maverick, war hero, POW, against government waste. They haven't dug into the other stuff or don't care. Also, a lot of military and ex-military and elderly people.

    It speaks very poorly of voters, but there is a fair amount of resentment of Romney as being too rich and accomplished. You can see it on McCain's face and apparently some voters respond to that as well. Also, a surprising number of people, particularly in the south, will not vote for a mormon. Huckabee has tried to tap into that in various ways.
  8. I am
  9. My Romney vote didn't work, So I am Mac,
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    I will vote for Mac in the general election, if he does indeed win the nomination. I won't vote for him because I'm enthusiastic about him, I just hope that he will extend the tax cuts or even try to make them permanent. I can not understand why, ON THIS BOARD, nobody cares about capital gains taxes. (Maybe that 95% stat that everyone babbles about is true?) But everybody will do what they think is right. If you think you have some righteous conservative pedastal to sit your righteous conservative ass on by not voting, go right ahead. When you are making out that check to the IRS 5, 6, 7 thousand or more than you would have, you can always bask in your right wing conservatism to comfort you.
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