Hillary Smillary - A Colossal Failure At State

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    "The Hyped-up Globetrotter" would be an apt title for Hillary Clinton's upcoming State Department memoir. Sorry, but on North Korea and other disasters, the Teflon diplomat deserves plenty of blame.

    Simon & Schuster on Thursday announced publication next year of Hillary Rodham Clinton's foreign policy sequel to "It Takes a Village." Suppress that cynical thought about it having anything to do with running for president in 2016.

    Its content will include "the transitions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Arab Spring" and "building diplomatic coalitions to deal with Iran and North Korea."

    Hold on. Aren't the "transitions" in Iraq and Afghanistan moving the U.S. from hard-fought victories to defeats? Bush's against-all-odds surge was squandered in Iraq, and the Islamofascist Taliban — defeated in a cakewalk after 9/11 — is headed back into power.

    The so-called Arab Spring, largely sprung by President Obama's apologetic Cairo speech, turned key Mideast ally Egypt into a U.S.-armed Islamist menace; the Obama/Hillary "tough sanctions" haven't delayed Tehran's progress toward nuclear weapons; and "diplomatic coalitions" aren't stopping Pyongyang from threatening to incinerate American cities.

    Diplomacy/counter-terrorism scholar Jonathan Tkachuk, no neocon, recently noted five Hillary failures:

    • Overthrowing Libya's Gadhafi — whose nuclear weapons program was neutralized by George W. Bush — further destabilizing "an already unstable North African region" and bolstering al-Qaida.

    • The Afghan "surge," "a military campaign that fails to result in a desired political outcome."

    • Granting Afghanistan the status of major non-NATO ally, so that massive "material, logistical and legal support" is going to a soon-to-be-failed state.

    • The deteriorating U.S. ties with Pakistan. After the May 2011 Bin Laden raid, the country "closed its vital supply routes to NATO-bound shipments to Afghanistan," contributing to Afghanistan's unfolding disaster.

    • Obama's Asian "pivot," increasing U.S. forces in the Far East, which by all appearances is a bluff that "rather than contribute to regional stability," Tkachuk warns, "may very well encourage the exact opposite."

    • Then there's Benghazi. The State Department's own Accountability Review Board report cited "Systemic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels" in two State bureaus.

    And finally North Korea, whose hysterical nuclear threats against the U.S. are now at a fever pitch. Hillary and Obama early on thought "engagement" would lure Pyongyang back to talks, after George W. Bush's much-maligned "cowboy diplomacy" had at least attained an agreement in 2005, since reneged on, for the dismantling of North Korea's nuclear program.

    Hillary's early offer of a "comprehensive package" was rebuffed by North Korea as "basically nonsense."

    If Kim Jong—un's atomic saber rattling, plus the other Obama national security failures, were happening under, say, a Secretary of State John Bolton, the liberal media would be blaming him full-square.

    Hillary gets a pass. Why? They want her to be the next president.

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    Hillary is a piece of shit, and it's SO sad that most of America can't see that. My dogs could do a better job!