Hillary Secretary of State?!

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  1. Her lack of experience was so great she had to lie about landing during sniper fire. I am willing to give Obama a chance but he is really making it difficult. Even Keith Olbermann thinks this pick would be questionable.
  2. Judging by TraderNik's clinging in the other thread, She will never get over her loss, it's a woman thing. So he'd better give her a bone, and deny her the possibility of making any trouble.
    It's a brilliant move. That guy is a master of strategic thinking, it's obvious why he's THE president now.
    + she wanted to be president and she made such a big deal of her "experience", Now she'll have to report to HIM. That would be total humiliation ,I hope she takes it.
  3. Do you think he is doing this to gain support from the Clinton supporters? If you do think he is than would making picks to gain popularity really deserve to be called masterful strategic thinking?
  4. Well yes. You don't have to agree or like someone for him to be be a great thinker. I don't like Karl Rove, at all. Yet, you have to admit that he's a brilliant strategic mind, when the country was divided 50-50, he knew what demographics to slice & dice to get 50%+1.
    Obama doesn't need her supporters now anymore, but he's well aware that the old Clinton Apparatus can cause him lots of trouble. Because of her lack of seniority in the senate, she won't be able to accomplish much, so she can spend the next 4 years trying to sink him, out of envy & bitterness.
    You'll grow up and experience that first hand, how men get over their losses and move on, while women are bitter and would rather embark on a lose-lose revenge trip than move on. just ask any male friend who's been though divorce.
  5. Your analysis of the shallow political drama minded approach is probably spot on. But if i was a close Obama advisor i wouldn't necessarily base my picks on shallow political drama. One major reason is because i think it is agreeable that Obama's strengths do not include foreign policy. Knowing that i think it would be a much more masterful strategic decision to put someone in that position who is qualified.

    The question that needs to answered is do we really think Clinton is anywhere near the best pick for this position. If Obama is merely choosing Clinton because of the shallow minded approach than doesn't that say something negative about Obama? Does he think politics are more important than what is actually going on?
  6. Does Hillary speak a foreign language? I heard her speak with a southern accent once, does that count?

    This is just great, we have a President who doesn't speak a foreign language and Sec of State that doesn't either.

    Do you realize how many entry level jobs require 2 languages. We have signs in spanish everywhere, I think nyc prints reports cards in 11 languages.

    You can be President of US but can't get a job in a call center unless you speak Spanish.

    The Spanish speaking voted for Obama, wonder what they would say if all those "piso mojado" cones were deemed unnecssary?
  7. So to make Obama's life easier the whole world needs to live with the Clintons again. The Clintons are not honest people. They live in the grey areas of life.

    This is becoming a second Clinton adminstration certainly not change.
  8. It's a not a Clinton administration, I bet he hates them as much as anybody else. its a strategy of "containment." She lost the presidential primary, she's not senior enough in the senate to accomplish anything of value so she's toast & bitter, she can do a lot of damage.. He better give her a bone.
  9. He'll give Richardson something of value, mark my word. Not only him but they'll probably be a couple of Latinos named to cabinet positions.
  10. I hear Obama met with Hillary on Thursday and offered her the job. He has met with Richardson on Friday. Why would he meet with Richardson on Friday if he wants Hillary? Because if he gets Hillary, he wants her to not run for President against him 4 years from now. So, with meeting with Richardson on Friday, he is pressuring Hillary. Hillary would be terrible at the job if she takes it. I hope Richardson gets the job. But then that leaves the door open for Hillary to run in 2012. Either way, it sucks.
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