Hillary: PPT is Working Now

Discussion in 'Trading' started by U Boat Commander, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. She just said it! Holy crap. Was she supposed to reveal that?
  2. doli


    They have a lot to do.
    Making the margin calls for the buying they did Friday has them stretched thin.

  3. really where did you see that?
  4. Got a link? I didn't see anything in the news.
  5. Where?
  6. tetuan01


    Yes, I know, I am stupid. What the hell is PPT?
  7. either she said it, or U boat command just spiked the thinly traded futs by 3 points all by himself. impressive.
  8. I'm watching the debate on CNN. She just said it. I'm not shitting. And the YM spiked 40pts within 15 seconds after.
  9. the mythical plunge protection team :p
  10. Why do you say mythical...
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