Hillary Now Has A Blood Clot

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Dec 31, 2012.

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  2. There is no blood clot. There was no concussion.This gives us further insight as to the scope of the cover up. She will not testify. It would be too damaging to her political career which is being protected by the powers that be. Whatever went on over there is bigger than we'll ever know.
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    I'm not quite that cynical but I would like to see them try and fake her death only for her to come back in time for 2016! :D :D
  4. Crissakes they just posted H Bush obit and now he's out of ICU.

    Go figure.:D
  5. get her off the hook from testifying for a while longer.

    The clot thickens.....:cool:
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    Why doesn't Obama have any health issues? His head is so big I don't understand why it doesn't just explode. :p
  7. She might not be able to run :(

    Cuomo/Patrick 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Like I fvcking believe it...

    and like I care.

    There's no short supply of anti-American liberals chomping at the bit to demonstrate their authoritarian credo.

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  10. :D Put me squarely in the CT camp on this one. Just too many things that are just too convenient. I proudly wear the tinfoil hat when it comes to Benghazi.
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