Hillary made 1000% in 10 months trading futures

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  1. I bet this is more than 99.9% ET ever accomplished. did she ever publish a book about her strategies?
  2. LOL No, she's not one to brag.:p
  3. clacy


    No because her strategy was fraud. She was given a bribe in the form of an amazing return on hog futures.
  4. Some facts about Hillary's trading.
    • $1000 into $100,000.
    • Over a 1 year period.
    • No losing trades.
    • Suddenly stopped trading after the successful run.
  5. Its a very old story but a good one. She's just a god damn old whore.

    Check out McCaine and Charles Keating. Machaine is an old whore too.
  6. **corrected** 10000%, not 1000% profit (amazing!)
  7. I think the broker would piggy back her orders onto larger ones which would move the market, but her trades were put in first.
  8. parking trades.... one of the many crimes hillary participated in. bottom line, it was a political contribution off the record. LOL LOL LOL i.e. a bribe.

    also, google juanita broaddrick.
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