Hillary Kicks in $5 Million to her campaign

Discussion in 'Politics' started by flytiger, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. First of all, she's basically a career Politician. Where do Career Politicians get 5mm of cash??? (OK, it's rhetoricall).

    Secondly, when will the poor saps of this country, the poor white trash that believe her bullshit, break the code and realize that she's not one of them, and she doesn't care if they live or die.

    The stupidity of the public is absolutely immeasurable.
  2. Both Clintons made huge money on their books. Bill gets paid huge speaking fees, plus he has all sorts of deals with hedge funds, etc that pay him big bucks for basically doing nothing. Then there is the Clinton Library, which is basically a slush fund for them. She also has one of those "Leadership" fund pacs, which are normally used to donate to other candidates (unless you are Huckabee), but she may be able to tap that. Not sure about the legalities of it all.

    Still, it is surprising that she had to kick in and not at all a good sign. In the past, they had people lined up to hand them checks.
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    Dick Morris is claiming that she got a bunch of that money somehow from the Emir of Bahrain, but Oreily did not let him continue with it.
  4. Hillary has raised $6 Million dollars, Obama has raised $7.2 million dollars in the last 48 hours (since super Tuesday).
  5. its not like you are any better. you still fall for the republican propaganda and the fake war on terror. you have a lot more in common with hillary than you realize.
  6. I picture you at about 330 pounds sitting on a ragged couch eating snack food by the handful.

    You are hateful, spiteful, totally incorrigable. I think "prick" sums it up.

    You have no ability to phrase an argument, all you have is hate and spite. No go fuck yourself. I'd like to make the post I was going to originally make - I mean if that's ok with you, Your Highness.

    Your the reason why we need a standing Army ready to blow the shit out of everything. Every few years, somebody like you gets a country and trys to run everything.
  7. Now, what I was going to say, before I was rudely interupted and savaged was, Obama is calling her out on this. He wants to see her Tax Returns, and they don't want to give them up.

    It's a brilliant ploy. Where do career politicians get that kinda dough? Everybody knows. But to see it would finish her with her constituents, the single white woman vote.
  8. your precious republicans just stuck it to you with a liberal socialist(mccain) and you still lick their hineys. nothing has ever really been done about illegal naked shorting which means your precious fake republicans are all talk and show and no GO. and you still are whining about hillary. LOL LOL LOL

    fox news is the war monger republican network... owned by rupert murdoch who funds hillary. warren buffet openly campaigns for her. did you know that he is a family friend of byrnes? did you know that byrnes is CFR? its all one happy family.

    they admit all their reasons for going to war were lies and yet you still froth at more killing. you are like an abused wife that gets flowers after she had her teeth kicked in by her husband. you just want to smell your flowers.

    go watch the BBC report bldg7 collapsed 23 minutes before it did... with the bldg still standing behind the idiot reporter. oh... her name is jane and she refuses to talk about it now. LOL LOL LOL

    the planned collapse of the market is coming and all those naked shorts will be laughing at flytiger. you on the other hand will be shaking your fist at Al Qaeda.
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