Hillary Has More Paranoid Delusions

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wildchild, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. wildchild


    More conspiracy theories are coming from Hillary's world of make believe. She is now saying the Russians are rigging the election and she also thinks there are dark forces at work trying to persuade people that her health is bad(as she coughs up a lung). Who believes this stuff?
  2. achilles28


    The evil Russians. We better invade them. Hillary wants to shoot down Russian aircraft in Syria and give a "military response" to Russia's unconfirmed hacking. Where is the proof Russia hacked anything btw ?

    And yet were told Hillary is the "peace candidate" .... Hillary is more like the world war 3 candidate. That evil Nasty trump. Trying to avert nuclear war with the Russians. What. A mad man!!!!
  3. RRY16


    The only person who is more paranoid and delusional then Hiliary is you..Why are you responding to your own threads? Everyone on here knows Wildchild/Achillies is the same loser.. Get some help, or maybe some of your brethren on here can do an intervention.
  4. wildchild


    So you are off in wackoland like Hillary.
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  5. achilles28


    Lol he's a real sharp one ;)))
  6. achilles28


    Why don't you address the topic, you little bitch. Hillary is neck deep in FBI investigations, convulsing on TV, and running a global bribing operation, yet you always ignore it.

    Why do you never want to discuss Hillarys scandals? Because you're a Shill for her? Oh ya, right. Thanks for playing.
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  7. wildchild


    Hillary's bizarre behavior continues even after the election. Now she wants recounts in multiple states because she actually still thinks she won. There are also wacky conspiracy theories that voting machines have been hacked by Russians. How about we see some of your evidence, Hillary?
  8. wildchild


    The amount of BS that comes out this hag's mouth never seems to stop. She actually thinks Nixon was impeached, and to top it off, she thinks she beat Bernie Sanders and Trump. Its almost as if America has a bad case of herpes and this case of herpes goes by the name 'The Clintons'.
  9. Here4money


    except she beat Bernie handily and only lost the college to Trump.
  10. Tom B

    Tom B

    She said she beat Trump. She lost to Trump.
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