Hillary & H-1b visa

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  2. i dont think she can survive a YouTube campaign. is she really this stupid? yes... any perception of competence she has enjoyed was do to her marriage and the doors that opened for her.

    she has zero street smarts, all she knows is how to intimidate people due to her fortunate political inheritance.
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    that first youtube was her addressing IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) students

    Ironically, IIT was set up in the late 1940s by USA and UN, through the generosity of the American taxpayer

    I dont think their vision was that somday our candidates would pander to them, encourage racist attitudes and blatent discrimination against the American taxpayer's grandchildren
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    'Cure Narcissism - Defeat Hillery'
  5. Hillary's celebrity status obscures her lack of political experience or skill. Years of gazing adoringly at Bill did little to prepare her for stump politicking. Her disastrous attempt to use a southern accent in front of a black church group was illustrative. No doubt she had seen Bill do it effortlessly on numerous occasions. But he was both a southerner himself and an incredibly gifted politician.

    Hillary already has higher negative polling numbers than anyone ever elected president. I don't see them getting better as people are more exposed to her. She has a grating speaking voice and oozes insincerety.
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    even before all this came out, I just didnt like her. we've all had the experience of dealing with complete backstabbers, and people have an intuitive sense of when they're dealing with one - it's a survival mechanism, evolved from generations where misplaced trust could cost you your life.

    for one thing, honest people really dont make a lot of effort to convince you they are sincere - they simply make their proposal, and are confident you'll see the fairness of it.

    but whenever someone ingratiates you making a great effort to get your trust, you have to ask WHY

    i just have the feeling dogs growl and get insanely angry in her presence
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  8. edwards' campaign tried to spin it and say he was discussing a new smaller format, broken up into groups, to give everyone more time.

    clinton's camp said.... "NO COMMENT."
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    I'll give Hillary more credit than Edwards, on this and the Punjab memo, she had the sense to keep quiet, and let the drumbeat of media noise bury the issue

    Edwards is just too cocky from his silver tounged jury singing days, and trys to talk his way out of stuff when silence would do the job
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    Here's what Hillary should do

    Get the next debate to occur in India. The lower tier candidates cant afford to go there, and as the Senator from Punjab, she'll get the most applause
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