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  1. looks like its adios to the next clinton in the whitehouse. prediction market www.intrade.com now gives HC 6.7% chance of winning the nomination. Osama gets a 92% chance with an extremely tight bid/ask spread.

    McCain has a 38% chance of winning the whitehouse--- looks like an almost guaranteed trade to me right now--Mc Cain should go to 50% at the VERY LEAST prior to the election----


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    Big AAPL

    At least McCain is hitting the Fibs.
  3. Screw McSane, go OBAMA BIN LADEN.
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    War is still good for the economy, no? Since we are still the best at making weapons and the strongest of all military mights. Go McCain.

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    I'd like to see Obama win, if for no other reason than to show all of the idiots that socialist idea's are not a way to compete on the world stage. IMO, we would continue to see things worsen under a President Obama, to the point that everyone would be as sick of the Democrats as they are of the Republicans now, which is not hard to imagine given how popular the Congress is right now. In that case we might see a real chance of both parties undergoing a fundamental change that would bring them more into line with what Americans really thing, bring them out of the bubble in DC, get a lot of new people in etc. Iin the short term it would be painful, but in the long term good for us.
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    Hey, thanks for the link, marketsurfer! I heard that ABC report last week but forgot the URL. Couldn't seem to dig it up and tried Itrade, I-Trader, etc. with no luck. Hard to Google the subject matter, too.

    I recall someone on CNBC predicting that Hillary woukd run as an Independent. How stupid would the Dems have to be to put up with that? I mean they couldn't really stop her but you would think if Hillary was really supportive of getting a Democrat in the White House, it would be unthinkable.

    I don't see an Obama Hillary ticket at all, so it's goodbye Mrs. Clinton in my estimate. I think the Dems have already shot themselves in the foot aging because she won't support Obama and either she won't accept VP or he won't ask her to. As I see it, John McCain can go out and sell Girl Scout Cookies from now to November and still win this election unless Hillary gets out, Obama picks a really great running mate, and also runs a short and effective campaign to scare people away from voting for John McCain. I could be wrong about a lot of this stuff, but opinions are like handbills; it's fun to post them.

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  7. Yeah, let's keep killing people because it's good for the economy.

    If only war was good for common sense, the world would be much more coherent.
  8. what are the candidates' stances on capital gains taxes?
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    Taxes are going up regardless.
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    Surf is just pumping his own book!!!

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