Hillary Clinton Would Win Florida Over Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush: Poll

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  1. Hillary Clinton Would Win Florida Over Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush: Poll

    Hillary Clinton would beat two Florida Republicans -- Sen. Marco Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush -- in a hypothetical presidential election in that state, according to a Quinnipiac poll released Thursday.

    Among registered Florida voters, the former secretary of state would defeat Rubio by 52 to 41 percent and Bush by 51 to 40 percent, the survey found.

    Clinton has a 60 percent favorability rating among Floridians. That's higher than either Rubio or Bush, although the difference may be largely due to the fact that she's better known. Nearly one-quarter of voters said they hadn't heard enough about Rubio to form an opinion, compared to just 4 percent who said the same of her.

    Clinton's current popularity has made her the favorite for 2016 in most early presidential polling. Another Quinnipiac poll showed her leading nationwide against several candidates, and the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling has found her leading in such states as Minnesota, Iowa and Texas.
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    A poll taken in 2013 on a purely theoretical candidate match up in 2016?

    Looks like to OP is utterly desperate to either troll or cheer lead.

    What the matter ak, no Katy Perry concerts in town this week?
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    LOL Since the question for both was probably made in the same poll, it partially splits the vote for Rubio and Bush. That simply invalidates the poll. Sorry. Pollsters can be silly.
  6. I recall you thinking the Obama/Romney polls were wrong .The 3 pollsters you thought were right were Rasmussen,gallup and unskewed polls.com who were all wrong
  7. Trolling
  8. Trolling
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    And they were for a long time. Have you forgotten about Hurricane Sandy and the Candy Crowley debate tag team match? Plus, Romney failed to get out the vote.
  10. They were never right pspr.Romney did not lose because of Sandy or Candy
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