Hillary Clinton Rally for Super Tuesday

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  1. Hillary is a thoroughly irritating person.

    Her personality is so unpleasant that in my opinion, no man in possession of his balls will vote for her.

    Women like her however, because she has that strident quality to her voice that every nagging bitch of a housewife strives for ("How many times do I have to ask you to take out the garbage?").

    To this point in time, I have sucessfully avoided being married to a nagging housewife/bitch, but I know one when I see one.

    Run......run for your lives.....do not vote for Hillary, or you will find you are paying more taxes (bigtime) and having to deal with big brother in every part of your life. I am sure you will enjoy mandatory "casual pantsuit Fridays".

    Every female above the age of 10 will have to wear a polyester pants suite and have their hair bleached blond.

    In addition, Hillary is a real threat to run this economy straight into the ground....Unlike her husband, Hillary has no clue as to what this economy needs...and frankly her husband would like nothing better than to see her fail....(for many reasons beyond the scope of this comment).

    Although I like Obama, my comment is simple, vote for ANYONE ELSE and save yourselves a lot of pain in the future.
  2. Just for the records, what was your advise in 2000?
  3. I doubt anyone could do as much damage to the US's financial, economic and social condition, as well as its international reputation, as GWB did.

    For what it's worth, I have the feeling that Clinton is going to be your next prez. You'd best learn to deal with it. :p
  4. I also don't support Hillary but it has nothing to do with her sex or voice.

    She has one really big problem. Bill was intelligent and somewhat economically savvy as far as trying to balance a budget. There was a certain element of luck to his term in office though. He was fortunate enough to preside during a fundamental shift in productivity. This resulted in a mass surplus that would've happened regardless of anything he did. He was able to add whatever programs he wanted without a resulting deficit.

    Hillary is a much bigger spender than Bill with "so many opportunities that America can't afford." Problem is that she isn't going to be inheriting a surplus situation or a growing GDP. She is likely going to inherit a falling GDP and a huge deficit. Add mass spending and tax increases and she alone will send us into a full blown recession.

    She wants to run things like they were during Bill's time, when the situation is almost exactly the opposite.
  5. How do you know what she wants to do? Are you a psychic?
    Of course she knows what the state of the economy is, anyone can see that, and she is far more intelligent than most here.

    Why is it so hard for ppl to just take (or leave) her on her own merits?
    She will be doing it different than any prez before her, because she is not a man.
  6. Terrible thought, <b>terrible!</b> I cannot stand her. Ugh, that voice! I can't imagine women being blind enough to vote for Hillary merely because of the XX chromosome. In annaland what Hillary is going to do is drop out of the race and start her own talk show. That’ll be enough to please her fans.
  7. So her being a woman rules out any possibility of her governing like any male president before her, eh? Isn't that kind of, umm, sexist?
  8. There have years when our only choice was between "bad" and "worse"... That was one of "those" years.

    Who knows what kind of disaster of a president Al Gore would have been? I got no clue...What would you have done?
  9. As a semi republican (OK, independent),
    I definitely hope to see Hill win the Dem nomination.

    No way in hell will she win. Everyone on the street I speak to despises her. And this is in Cal!

    Obama, on the other hand, may be tough, but I believe Hill will get it.

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