Hillary Clinton promises to support Israel

Discussion in 'Politics' started by PLATO2, Feb 13, 2007.

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    If we elect anybody, we lose! We must get rid of Zionism, not elect a different puppet. Warn people to avoid being a sucker. Our problem is Zionism, not just George Bush and Tony Blair, albeit getting rid of them would help.

    AIPAC is not a Jewish Lobby it is an Israeli lobby and Israel stands for Zionism Fascism and hardly for Judaism.

    AIPAC gets around claiming to be a foreign agent by saying that they represent a minority (Jewish people) instead of a country Israel which they clearly lobby for.

    AIPAC must register as a foreign agent. Hell its in the damn title the I in AIPAC stands for Israel.

    All criticism of Israel is unfairly painted as criticism of Jews in general and allows Israel to avoid ridicule and cry foul. That is as insane as saying that disagreeing with Russian politics is anti-white or disagreeing with what North Korea does is anti-asian. That is totally insane.

    Israel is a nation not a race despite some waco Christian and Jewish fanatics religious claims that Israel is the land of god for a chosen race of people, here on earth in the land of reality we all know that Israel is a country created not by god but by the British and it is not supposed to be an ethnic based chuck of real estate (justified lol by GOD) but a democracy.

    Israel's racial colonies are the most openly racist acts of bigotry on the planet today. Yet the media in the US will not mention that which is 100% proof as to who runs the media, the MIC because Israel is a military industrial complex cash cow.

    Tell your congressmen to register AIPAC as a foreign agent.
  2. It's almost impossible for any politician to get anywhere without pledging support for Israel. Hillary's certainly not alone there. It's almost a competition among them to see who can sound the most loyal to Israel, and who'll promise to do most against Iran.

    I wonder if there's ever been a time so many so steadfastly supported a cause that was so clearly not in their interests.
  3. please see all my old posts....

    Israel walks around with a T-shirt that says..............

    "The USA is my Bitch"
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    [quoted by PLATO2, aka WAKE-UP... let us ask, is pedophilia a True Crime? The answer, I think, is clearly No. No one has ever shown that pedophilia AS SUCH harms anyone, and all claims of harm are purely speculative. Yes, the way in which an act of pedophilia is carried out may be harmful -- rape, for example -- but pedophilia is not rape except perhaps in the legal sense ('statutory rape'). There is, however, one way in which pedophilia is frequently harmful, namely, that it causes the perpetrators to spend substantial time behind bars where they are almost invariably the subject of rape and where they are taught the pleasures of homosexual perversion. And of course where their lives are ruined.

    In short, I think that all the hoo-ha and hyperventilation over pedophilia is much do-do about pretty much nothing]

    Kind of hard to take seriously anything said by such an idiot.
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    Can you confirm that you also post under the username WAKE-UP?

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    If I am not to be taken seriously, then why are ET censoring my posts?



    I can understand that ET does not want to lose members, nevertheless, freedom of speech is something that should be respected. I have not posted bigottry or hatred, and I have often said that I do not hate Jews in general.
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    ET is probably censoring your posts because your a sick, depraved, and disgusting pedophile.
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    ET is a private site run by a private individual. Your right to say whatever the hell you want does not apply. If someone was to come into your house and start to spew all kinds of sick perverted ideas in front of your children, you would have the right, some might say the obligation, to ask that they leave your house. Barron has the same right here on HIS site to delete whatever he fancies deleting.
  9. If he would be concerned about the number of members he would have banned you long ago; many people get sick to the stomach from your smelling vomits, and I would stop reading this forum if many more of your type would enter.
    But I think he keeps you on for a while so they can trace down you IP origins and file you for close watching.

    Maybe you should seek help.

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    In which country do you reside Plato?
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