Hillary Clinton, Hate, and the Cult of Bigotry Talk

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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillary_Rodham_Clinton_controversies

    Alleged anti-Semitic comments

    Several people have accused Clinton of making anti-Semitic comments in private. In the 2000 book State of a Union: Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton by former National Enquirer reporter Jerry Oppenheimer, lawyer Paul Fray, who ran Bill Clinton's failed 1974 run for Congress, claimed that after that defeat, Hillary Rodham, then Clinton's girlfriend, raged that he (Fray) was a “Fucking Jew Bastard.”[5] Fray’s wife and businessman Neil McDonald both claim to have witnessed this slur.[6] Hillary Clinton denied that she ever made such a remark and released a 1997 letter in which Fray apologized regarding statements he had made about her over the years.[7] In addition, Fray had previously been disbarred for altering court documents and also suffered from a medical condition that may cause erratic behavior and memory loss.[8] Moreover, Fray was only one-eighth Jewish, not one-half as the Oppenheimer book detailing the accusation had claimed.[9] However, Fray was reported to have passed a polygraph test regarding the allegation. According to the polygraph examiner, "There's no doubt in my mind that Mr. Fray is truthful."[10] Larry Patterson, a controversial former Arkansas state trooper and bodyguard to Bill and Hillary Clinton who related a series of lurid accusations about the couple as part of Troopergate, then said he heard the couple use anti-Semitic slurs “10 to 20” times. He asserts that he has heard Hillary use the term "Jew Bastard" and called President Clinton a "Jew Boy" and a "Mother Fucking Jew."[11]

    In a discussion of the Fray allegation, Dick Morris, a former political adviser to President Clinton, asserted that a couple of years previously, Hillary Clinton may have used a Jewish stereotype during an argument about consulting fees, stating “Money – that's all you people care about is money.” Morris conceded that it was unclear whether "you people" referred to Jews or to political consultants.[12]
  2. Cut her some slack. Her husband used to get sloppy bj's from a chubby jewish intern in the Oval office.
  3. The more people come up with these bits of innuendo the more I end up respecting her.

    Maybe something that deserved more space was the falling out between Dick Morris and Bill Clinton. Is there a Wikipedia entry for that?
  4. Wouldn't this attract the Nixon fans out there? :D
  5. pick a winner there Hot Stuff !!!

  6. LT701


    dick morris is a case of a backstabber backstabbing a backstabber (hillary)

    my question to morris would be, if they're so despicable, why did he get them elected?

    he's probably telling the truth, and the guy is smart, but he's sleazy
  7. dick morris didn't get anyone elected... that guy is wrong more than haroki at a pancake convention.

    clinton was elected due to ross perot siphoning off conservative votes from the republicans. some dispute that fact but give me a break... liberals did not like perot.
  8. LT701


    i'm actually talking more about 1996, morris was their chief stratgist - if it wasnt him that got them elected, he sure was trying, which is still my point

    i voted perot

    perot was really neither conservative or liberal, any working person with any sense would have picked perot over clintons

    i think perot saw CFR making their 'operation grand slam' play with both parties a fully hedged bet