Hillary Clinton: Empower girls and women

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  1. "Let women work and they drive economic growth across all sectors. Send a girl to school even just for one year and her income dramatically increases for life, and her children are more likely to survive and her family more likely to be healthier for years to come. Give women equal rights and entire nations are more stable and secure. Deny women equal rights and the instability of nations is almost certain."

    Lets not kid ourselves, this only applies to women who tow the liberal line. If you're a conservative woman, like Palin, you're a retarded bitch whore.
  2. "This teenage girl's father expected to force her into early marriage, but she had been to school and she received a cow,

    First question. Where's the girls mother? I noticed the inflammatory bs about "father" (men).

    Next up is she addressing the women iin China, the Middle East or the "bitches and ho's" in America? Pffftttt.... Keep up the good work Hillary.

    She'll address womens rights as long as she don't dis culture. Men. well that's okay.
  3. Tesla warned about the "Queen bee" phenomenom. Society degrades when the incompetent are put in charge of things. As seen with EOE, society is prohibited from allocating resources to their utmost efficiency due to this belief that everyone should be treated as equals.
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    Describes congress and Obama perfectly.
  5. Empower girls and women.
    Tell that to the Muslims! [​IMG]
  6. surprinsly, women are embracing western culture in Iran and have modest success.
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    It doea appear to be snowballing (no pun).