Hillary as VP???

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Hillary Clinton WILL be Obama's running mate.

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  1. saxon


    NOOOOooooo!! :eek:

    Politically, there is no reason to choose her. Her core constituency is "older women", and older women tend to be party loyalists, so they will vote for the Democratic ticket anyway.

    And as a practical matter, having THE CLINTONS (she and he) back in the White House would be nothing but a distraction for Obama as he tries to strike a new cord in Washington. It would be WAY too much baggage to have the Clintons involved.

    Start fresh, Barack...and avoid 4 years of "WE know best, cause WE'VE been here before."

    *ugh* :(
  2. White Women Take the Gloves Off

    The woman who shouted "McCain in '08" at the Democratic rules committee was speaking for a multitude. After mounting for months, female anger over the choreographed dumping on Hillary Clinton and her supporters has exploded -- and party loyalty be damned. That the women are beginning to have a good time is an especially bad sign for Barack Obama's campaign.

    "Obama will NOT get my vote, and one step more," Ellen Thorp, a 59-year-old flight attendant from Houston told me. "I have been a Democrat for 38 years. As of today, I am registering as an independent. Yee Haw!"

    A new Pew Research Center poll points to a surging tide of fury, especially among white women. As recently as April, this group preferred Obama over the presumptive Republican John McCain by three percentage points. By May, McCain enjoyed an eight-point lead among white women.

    What's dangerous for the Democratic Party is that, for many women, the eye of the storm has moved beyond Hillary or anything she does at this point. The offense has turned personal.

    They are now in their own orbit, having abandoned popular Democratic Websites that reveled in crude anti-Hillary outpourings -- and established new ones on which they trade stories of the Obama people's nastiness.
  3. ah, let's get real. For older whites, race is a big factor. Actually make it, race is THE ONLY factor.

    of course now you can sugar coat that any way you want to.

    Obama's weak point is that a large number of his supporters are young voters.

    Young voters never vote. older voters always vote. With enough press coverage, mccain can win the race. welcome to Bush III
  4. The only way Obama can win is with Hilary.
  5. Yannis


    By Dick Morris

    "The vote of the Democratic rules committee not to seat the entire Michigan and Florida delegations — as Hillary had wanted — signals the end of the domination of the Democratic Party by Bill and Hillary Clinton. It began when Bill won the California primary in 1992 and ended this past weekend, on May 31, 2008. During this period, nothing moved unless the Clintons OKed it. Now the Party has declared its independence, shaking off their family fiefdom.

    There is a lot more involved than just the fact that Hillary lost the primaries to Obama and trails him among elected and super delegates. Obama will now have an easy glide path to the nomination which he should wrap up by June 4th.

    But the power in the party has moved from the Clinton family to a combination of institutional Democrats, labor unions, and strong left wing groups. The massive grass roots structure, built up by Move On.org and amplified by Obama’s online campaign has become the dominant force in the party. But they do not rule alone. The Clinton defeats have liberated the unions and state democratic parties, once under the Clintons’ thumb, to become independent power centers working in coalitions with each other and with the radical left. The Democratic Party is now up for grabs. If Obama is elected, he will impose his own vision on it. But if McCain wins, this weekend's vote sets up a power struggle that should be interesting."
  6. Even Usama is not dumb of enough to bring into his administration that bag of weeds.....or his wife either.

  7. Wrong. Very narrow minded thinking.

    There are many ways he can win, and even with Hillary he can lose. This combo would get the conservatives to actually show up and vote in vast numbers. I do believe this ticket would be hard to beat, but I think Obama could do better to pick an experienced, well respected guy.

    Like Ohio's Strickland. If OB takes Ohio, he probably takes the whole thing.
  8. I'm not saying the only way, but a much easier victory I think. It probably woud have been better to have Obama as VP, but too much friction at this point. The global stage would be much better with the Clintons, even with all their baggage, helping with foreign relations.

    I have a feeling that there may be one more shoe to drop in the next couple of days.

  9. LT701


    that political menage e trois would be a complete disaster, and all independents would know it

    get 2 clintons that close to the white house, and they would be gaming Obama day and night

    Obama's focus would be on them and almost nothing else - huge distraction
  10. TT1


    Does anyone remember the 1960 Democratic Presidental race?

    After a very spirited campaign JFK vs LBJ, JFK wins the nomination and as a courtesy ask LBJ to be his VP believing LBJ would turn down the VP slot. LBJ did not turn it down! He became the VP and eventually the 36th President of the United States after JFK's assasination. Many believe LBJ had JFK killed in Dallas that faithful morning!

    Now, would Obama be that stupid to offer the VP slot to Hillary and Bill? If Obama does, he may well be a dead man! Can you say Vince Foster! Another victim of the "Clinton Body Count"!
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