Hill Dems Ban Term 'Obamacare' From Congressional Mail

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  1. Hill Dems Ban Term 'Obamacare' From Congressional Mail
    Guy Benson
    Political Editor, Townhall.com
    Oct 27, 2011 9:18 AM

    What's the matter, guys? Shouldn't you be delighted that Republicans are helpfully reminding everyone exactly whom deserves our grateful nation's eternal thanks for introducing, selling, and signing this gleaming monument to government largesse? I'm confused:
    In all honesty, I'm neither confused nor surprised in the least. Democrats have consistently raised dopey objections to this term, even though it perfectly assigns <STRIKE> blame</STRIKE> credit for the law's champion-in-chief. DWS got cranky on this very point back in February:
    Here's the political corner Democrats have backed themselves into: (1) They obstinately insist through gritted teeth that they're unambiguously proud of their crowning Statist achievement. Nancy Pelosi famously said they'd have jammed it through even if every single American had access to quality, affordable healthcare before its passage. (2) President Obama himself has signaled that he's totes cool with the "Obamacare" moniker because it reminds people that he cares, or something. And yet, (3) Democrats feign outrageous outrage over the term, and condemn it as a political attack on the president. Nadler suggests that the GOP is exploiting the president's unpopularity to sully the reputation of his signature accomplishment. This gets it precisely backwards; it's the "accomplishment" that helped cause the unpopularity, not vice versa.

    The truth is that Democrats obviously realize that the American people continue to reject their fetid abomination of a healthcare law just as forcefully as they did when Democrats were busy ignoring their wishes and pounding it down their throats. Their self-delusional analysis that public opinion would turn around once the law's "benefits" went into effect has never come to pass. Instead, they're stuck with a giant albatross across their shoulders: A new regime that is as unpopular as ever, that isn't accomplishing what they promised it would, that remains unaffordable, and that is coming apart at the legislative seams. The Left paid dearly for their Obamacare gambit in the midterm elections, and now they've resorted to hoping they can make the issue go away. If they believe they can accomplish that goal by waving their lexical wands and making an unhelpful term vanish into thin air, they're dreaming.

  2. pspr


    Democrats are all about word games. Once the public realizes their lies about a program they like to rename it to try and fool people.

    Liberal -> now progressive
    Stimulus -> now jobs bill
    Global warming -> now climate change
    European socialists -> now Democrats
  3. Stimulus and Tax bill -> now jobs bill
  4. pspr


    That's right!

    Raise Taxes -> Evil Rich Need To Pay Their Fair Share