hilbert Sine-Wave

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  1. has anyone coded the hilbert Sine-Wave for sierrachart?
  2. anyone?
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    I'll admit I've never even heard of it, and I've been round the block a couple of times.
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    "Hilbert Sine Wave – How this Little Known Indicator Transformed My Trading

    The most accurate indicator I've ever seen for signalling cycle highs, lows and the end of trend moves

    - I couldn't trade without it."

  5. code from ninjatrader:
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    I knew there was something missing in my trading... :D
  7. ordinarily, i'd agree that this hype is bull.

    but some guys on the ninjatrader forum have found it useful. either way its worth a shot (for free of course)
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    Well bigspeculum, it looks to me like just another indicator.

    I do not see the value of indicators on nonstationary stochastic processes, they add no predictive power. In other words I don't need digital signal processing to see what the market is doing nor do I believe I get new information out of it.

    So I am not going to dig very deeply into something I don't care much about, but it looks like this is simply a sine wave with a constantly updated (calculated from real time price data) instantaneous frequency. If that were some sort of golden ticket, it would have been used by now and probably distorted the market enough to make it useless.
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    What he said.
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