hilarious observation

Discussion in 'Politics' started by arealpissedgoy, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. As McCain goes down in the polls

    The threads that show up on this page goes down

    went from 5

    to 4

    and now 3

    Oh the sheer desperation of the right wing KKKlan members on ET


  2. Observation number 2.

    Not as hilarious as the above.

    Why are all of ApPalins kids NOT in school?

    She takes them on stage in every single stop. These kids are more political than most politicians.

    It is apparent she prefers her children to be illiterate like her voter base. None of her family completed high schooling. Except her, she went to 7 colleges.

    she's going all out to pander to lowest-of-the-low life-forms. The right wing illiterates.

    I understand ApPalin's play on being the "hokey mom", but at least educate your kids.
  3. I've been to 7 colleges, some very prestigous, of course that was when I delivered refrigerators.