Hiker comes face to face with death on Mount Rainier

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  1. High five for this fellow.

    Not just because he survived but because he was working on his plan to overcome drug addiction and apparently making good progress.

    The man in the video apparently is not the same one in the article but a similar situation.

    High five on steroids of course as well for the medical staff.

    Just coincidently I read a little about those ECMO machines a few weeks back which oxygenate and remove carbon dioxide outside a patients body by circulating their blood through the machine. I guess some doctors are saving some covid patients that are so far gone that their lungs are not working and ventilators will not help by hooking them up to these ECMO machines where their blood is oxygenated and co2 removed outside the body and the cycled back in. Good stuff when you need it.

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