Hihi: New York Times "Three states have joined forces to rename U.S. 666"

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    March 29, 2003, Saturday

    National Briefing | Rockies: The Devil Made Them Do It
    By Mindy Sink (NYT)
    Three states have joined forces to rename U.S. 666 because it is the number of the biblical beast. Officials in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah have filed applications asking that the highway's name be changed to U.S. 393. The highway crosses the states near the Four Corners region. Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico has endorsed the name change, and a resolution from State Representative Ray Begaye, Democrat of New Mexico, says many people refuse to travel the road ''because of the fear that the devil controls events along 666.'' Mindy Sink (NYT)

    Published: 03 - 29 - 2003 , Late Edition - Final , Section A , Column 4 , Page 8
  2. When I saw Hihi in the title I thought this was directed at me.

    Come on, get your kicks, on Route 666.
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    maybe they should change it to a fibonocii number.
  6. Lovely Devil Doll with great flash animations and (free) MP3 songs :)


  7. Yeah as Fibonacci in Stock Market.

    Now why did they give it this name since they know how many people are supertistious : was it provocation for fun which is possible or other mystic reason that only matters for these crazy occultists of the skull and bones and so like satanists:


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    So, don't they need to rename everything that has a "666" in it, just to be consistent, or does Satan only bother them if they're on the road? Let's see, that would include probably medicinal formulas, telephone numbers, patents, security codes...

    Don't these bible people read the bible they claim to follow? That passage in the Book of Revelation says that 666 is the 'number of a man', doesn't say it's a U.S. Route number, even though it also says in the first chapter that this all symbolic anyway so why take 666 as anything literal, let alone apply it to highways numbered 666.

    So without any basis other than this misapplication of scripture, the taxpayers' monies will be wasted to pay for the legislation and new signs. How come the multitude of religious leaders, theologists and clergy in these 3 states don't come forward waving their hands and saying, "No, no, no, you've got it all wrong!" On the other hand, if Satan has been terrorizing motorists for all these years, why haven't they petitioned for the name change years before? And if Satan is as monstrous as they say, how will a name change really keep him off the road? And if they do force him off the road, aren't they fearful he may just follow them home?

    And a democrat's behind this "religious right" type legislation! That alone should comprise a sign of the end times.
  9. I am Satan. I hate the number 666.

    I am scared of Christian BIble Belt people.

    I couldnt care less about a highway.

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