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  1. BMK


    I am surprised Wiley would publish that kind of garbage
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  2. El Trado

    El Trado

    Just that I liked your post does not mean that I believe in the content. But I like that you shared it.... At least for the entertainment value.

    The predictions for 2020 didn't exactly pan out...

  3. piezoe


    John Wiley has lowered standards in recent years to a disgraceful degree. They used to have high standards when it came to accepting manuscripts, and their printing and binding were of the first quality. Now they are junk. They still publish a few things worth reading, but nowadays when you see "Wiley" on a Binding you have to be very careful. Chances are it will be trash, with only author editing and cheap paper and printing. ..
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  4. In today's multicore world, this book conveniently serves those readers interested in both finance and astronomy, saving them hours of reading separately.
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  5. JSOP


    The majority of my textbooks were from Wiley publishing. I agree when you see Wiley publishing, you can usually trust its contents to be no bs. Just as shocked as OP that they would print this kind of financial astrology bs.
  6. JSOP


    Astrology not Astronomy.

    Astronomy is the scientific study of celestial objects, space and universe

    Astrology is the bs about the "stars" and what it says about your entertainment and your lucky numbers
  7. It is close enough for those interested in landing on the moon through GME
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  8. Agree. Short GME, make money.
  9. Overnight


    Salty, just get out of GME and long AMZN. Long Alphabet. Long the FAANGs, and forget the GME!

    Roaring kitty is long the thing for 200,000 shares at an avg. price of 55. You ain't going to come out ahead fighting that, in a reopening economy.

    Your thesis failed. Move on to the next trade.

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