Highly Accurate Market Prediction Methodology seeks Partner

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by gh50, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. gh50


    Predictive Method for all markets

    * A work of Art, literally

    * 7+ years of research

    * Clearly predicts turning points far ahead of time

    * Better than any Gann/Elliott Wave Theory, in-fact explains their behavior

    * Any market or time-frame

    * Has other practical applications: weather prediction, jobs data, sunspots , any volatile data

    *Other applications - That we can discuss privately

    Contact me at grailholy50@yahoo.com if you are interested in a partnership. Please include your Bio and how you think we could work together on this project.
  2. Is the high lighted parts of the chart the price the system predicted the reversal ? Thats like a perfect system .
  3. gh50


    Yes that's the turning points. This method predicts these areas in advance. It's really a major breakthrough. With timeframe overlays the ability to filter out the smaller retracements can be accomplished allowing for even larger trend runs.

  4. If it's such a breakthrough why are you hawking it on a random trading site like all the other snake oil salesman?

    If you had something of value there would be hedgefunds and ibanks lining up to pay top dollar.

    This is probably some sort of identity scam (unless it's the typical crappy trading system for sale crap.)
  5. Eddiefl


    "Clearly predict sunspots pivot points way ahead of when they actually happen??"

    Amazing, truly amazing.
  6. jetbird


    Can you post more charts please? thanks! :)
  7. What do you want a partner for. Trade it for a few months and you'll be wealthy. Tell no one. You don't need to. You'll become the wealthiest man on the planet.

    So why do you want a business partner? Get a dog and a girlfriend for company. Buy a brokerage to get low commissions and staff to execute your trades. Buy a bank to store your money and give you the cheapest money transfers. Use the Treasury department to execute the cheapest interbank Fx deals.

    Then buy New York, London. Join the Illuminati. Rule the world my friend.

    I have only one question - are you the antichrist?
  8. 1in10


    What you have shown on your snag means nothing but your "grail" works on historical data.

    Why do you not show a snag of your "grail" predicting points on the right side of the chart?

    Show us the prediction for next week, please, that way we can know it works into the future not in hind site.
  9. Nice to see the insanity continuing here on ET ... can you say "in the shitter".
  10. ScottD



    Your method is good at identifying historical turns, but is it any good on a go-forward basis?

    Post a MetaTrader chart of the next major future turn. I'd like to see if it's as good as you claim. If it is, I'll put a ample cash behind it, and we can share the profits in an equitable manner.

    There is a vocal minority of people who post on ET who are, I believe the scientific term is, utterly full of shit. So please forgive the healthy skepticism.

    - Scott
    #10     Apr 25, 2008