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  1. Whats the highest margin offered by a legitimate broker? Name some names plz.
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    Do a google search, you would of had your answer already
  4. i did and my findings were inconclusive wise ass, thats why i asked here.
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    I use cms, margin is 400/1 that means that means that with 25$ you can open a 10 000 $ trade!
    The charting platform is great, you can trade directly on the charts, I never had any problem with this broker, I trade with them since one year, between 3 or 5 trade a day, never had problems with stoploss, order execution etc......
    there is also fx solution that offers this 400/1 leverage.

    good trading!
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    Then learn how to use google.
  7. Ditto: CMSFX.COM

    VTrader Platform

    Using it now, and it came highly recommended by a 9 year Forex Trader.
  8. 400:1 is for brokers who have a stake in blowing up your account

    200:1 is (for the most part) only for mini accounts, but more than most people need

    100:1 is what normal brokers will give you

    Bottom line, if you are getting pitched 400:1 as a reason to open an account with a firm, its not one you want to deal with.

  9. Isnt there 1:1000 some places?
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    Tradergod: Dont waste your time trying to persuade a newbie not to use 200+ leverage. They have to see it themselves.

    Unless the top 10 traders tell him that lower leverages is what one should use.
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