Highest Inflation

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  1. Which country has the highest inflation in the world?
  2. Would you believe Balloonistan?
  3. I mean "without printing money" and without being involved in any wars, which country has the highest inflation in the world.

    A country which thinks they have the best banking system and best financial system and the most intelligent people in the world.
  4. That question makes no sense you only get inflation when you print too much money

    It's like saying who has the world record speed in running the quarter mile but has never run a quarter mile
  5. The answer is Bearice. When I was young at short distance 30 to 50 meters I could defeat a Cheetah
  6. Its funny you have Bear in your name and they are surprisingly fast around 30mph top speed and they can do that for a while unlike cheetahs...bears are amazing
  7. At short distance 30 to 50 meters Lions are faster than cheetah. When I was young I was a Lion today I am Bear.
  8. I will give a hint or clue.

    High population is the root cause of high inflation.
  9. The answer is India.

    Correct me if I wrong?
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