Highest daily price range?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by journeyman, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Does anybody know what the leading NYSE/NASDAQ stocks are in terms of average (say last quarter) daily price range?
  2. Look at CME and GOOG. I'm sure there are others but these two have consistently high daily ranges.
  3. yeah - but as % of price they aren't so good - any other takers?
  4. Average true range for OIH is presently $4.14 and for RIMM is $3.49

    Those ATR's represent roughly 3.3% and 3.25% respectively of their prevailing prices.

    Certainly not the highest, but liquid enough to get out of. OIH is an ETF reflecting a basket.

    Price persistence is another matter. Presently OIH is trending lower and RIMM higher. Either (or both) could easily reverse course.
  5. they look good efficiency - i'll check then out - i really need a scanner that would do this sort of thing for me...

  6. Scanner?

    IF you were to follow a stable of candidates, day in day out, you'd get to know their attributes, "personalities", probable turning points, and subliminal messages. All in all, less surprises and more profit extraction.

    Just a thought.

    Related to volatiliy, a narrow range and consequent range expansion is MORE predictable than price. Naturally, the price direction remains to be seen, but you'd be "leading" rather than following.
  7. Arnie


    30 day average range...

    GOOG 7.51
    SHLD 3.52
    ISRG 3.05
    RIMM 2.74
    WYNN 2.39
    ESRX 2.11
    JOYG 2.02

    CME 10.50
    CMI 2.98
    GS 2.78
    PD 2.76
    BSC 2.7

    I use a custom indicator that looks at range vs price. It shows stocks with a high range realtive to price. The figure is a ratio. So the higher the ratio, the higher the range is to price.


    JOYG 4.96
    MRVL 4.56
    URBN 4.42
    BRCM 4.22
    NVDA 4.19


    CIEND 4.57
    SANM 4.38
    PHM 4.14
    DHI 4.01
    KBH 4.01
    AMD 3.98

    Duplicates only listed once and I did not include low priced stocks.
  8. thanks arnie - that's exactly what I am looking at implementing for myself