Higher than norm hedge fund fees

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  1. Hi,

    While "2 and 20" is the conventional fee structure, there are several funds that charge more than this.

    From the top of my head, I know SAC charges 5 (?) and 50, Rennaisance 5 and 44 and Tudor 4 and 30.

    Did these guys have this fee structure since inception OR did they start with "2 and 20" and then increase their fees after N years of outstanding returns?

    Can anybody share some insights?


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  3. I started to charge 3 /44 when my first > + 100 % year finished. :)
  4. You realize that you posted some of the most well known HFs out there?

    I am just starting to get into the incubator space and most people I know starting out are charging 1.6 & a sliding scale with a VERY high, high water mark (starting at 10-16, maybe going to 20, nothing higher).
  5. Hi Winston,

    Firstly thanks for your response.
    Yes I do realise those are some of the larger, well known, HFs.

    Do you have any idea if they started out with such high fees or if they increased at a later stage?

    If you don't know, that what would you think?

    Also do you know of any other funds that charge oversized fees?

    Interesting what you are saying with the incubators and very high watermarks. For your particular fund, do you have already have seed? PM me if you like.