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What do I invest in

  1. Company A makes 3D motor cross game

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  2. Company B makes UFO flying game

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  1. In which company would you put your money.

    Company A Makes 3D Motor cross game (Motorbike racing through woods and obstacles)

    Company B Makes a flying UFO game. (little saucer flies through obstacles and fights with ground and air machines)

    It will cost me personally 89 k CAD to invest with huge returns promised by my guide.

    So what do I go into.

    At the end of this poll I will announce which companies we are talking about and if you want to invest with me, you are welcome to.
  2. Come on guys more votes please

    I've given my share to ET, I told you I am long OIL and GOLD and VIX. What more do you need from me.

    Lets make some money in this crazzzy world
  3. joe4422


    This has got to be the craziest post in the world.

    If the only info you require for an investment is whether they make a video game with UFO or a motor cycle, then I would just flip a coin.

    But okay, I'll go with the UFO.
  4. obviously one will outsell the other, I am trying to be on the winning side
  5. LeeD


    Based on the info in the opening post, I guess every on-topic reply will be based on what type of game each individual poster fins more fun in general.

    Racing games is a well defined genre with dedicated fans and there is strong competition like Need For Speed franchise.

    Regarding flying soucer, I am not sure what it compares to... a flight simulator? But then what's with "flying through obstacles"? Is it gonna look like asteroid field in Attack of the Clones?

    I would thing the second choice is riskier - either blast or flop... while the racing game may get a steady revenue stream.

    I think the real decision should (at least, in part) be based on which company has stronger team. Is there a lead developer with good track record? Is there a person with adequite management experience in charge of getting the game on budget and on time? etc
  6. Lethn


    How wonderfully vague, I doubt unless you have the most awesome marketing team ever that you'll get either ideas across to the games market very well and this is me speaking as someone who has been playing games for more than a decade now and knows what people and I like. You need to do something original or it simply won't sell, these kind of ideas have been done a million times over and you need to come up with some new features or something to put into them to make it more exciting for people.

    Oh and fyi if you're planning on investing in one of the big corporations like EA or Ubisoft, you will probably have more than half your player base after your hide. Gamers hate corporations like them because they are only interested in mass producing crappy games and putting DRM on them to make it extremely painful for legitimate consumers to play because you have to go through all this registration garbage and cd checks and entering in lots and lots of pointless numbers that internet pirates always get by easily.
  7. You are correct in that something unique is needed.

  8. Assuming both companies have same teams, same chances. Which game would sell more. That's what I am trying to get an inkling on
  9. muller


    Not voting is taking a stand too.
  10. what is that supposed to mean ?
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