Higher Education Bubble?

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  1. Fox Business just ran a quick segment on the idea that higher education could be the next bubble to burst. Drawing comparisons to the housing mkt and how it was subsidized by the govt under the premise that "everyone" needed to own a home. Indeed, the same idea of everyone needing to go to college (pushed by both parties) has led some to believe that the price of higher education could come down quite a bit.

    If this is true of higher education costs going forward, how would one take advantage of this? How can one short this, what vehicle(s) could one use?

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    Wow someone actually pointed out a bubble in a new sector, education?

    This is unheard of, most usually point out the bubble after the fact it has already happened.

  3. Higher Education?... mostly a crock. Many colleges report their most popular classes are remedial. That is our high schools are so poor, freshmen are not prepared.... and many colleges are little more than post high school.

    It's a farce for kids to have their parents pay $100K or more... or to go into debt for such an amount... only to get a mostly worthless "degree".

    Is it that colleges prosper mainly because of "government guaranteed" college loans?
  4. Without Government intervention those 100K degrees would be 30K degrees.

    But anytime the Government gets in the business of credit expansion, you know the rest.
  5. Pretty soon, college education is the next industry to be outsourced.

    Why not send your kid to study in Europe or Australia?
  6. I thought China or India.
  7. Well, there is that small issue of language. Americans are really poor in foreign languages so that means very few will go to non-English speaking countries.
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  9. Any ideas on how to take advantage of a decline in higher education costs from a trading standpoint?
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