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  1. Walker


    Nice day to all!

    I don't want to bother you, but I don't live in US, so every recomendation about trading source or investing I need to share with some of you, US citizens, who mostly know if it works or don't.

    Sometime my questions may sounds stupidly for you, but it is better looks like a stupid for a while, than lose money... ;-)

    I have found a few web presentations of High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) on Internet. You can invest to various investments with it, from trading various markets to reality or venture investing.

    Do you have any experiences with that?
    I am looking for any informations about it.

    I have to tell you, that I am not crazy fool, who looks just at huge gains promising and doesn't care about reality.
    I have miscellaneous portfolio, from money funds to options and I am looking for new investmens ideas which I can manage through internet.
    I perceive, that this investment is just for risky money from my portfolio, but I want to know if it is not fiddle overall...

    Thank you very much for your time. :)


    P.S.: I am looking for serious discusion, so don't bother those, who will write something and please, keep sort of informations like "I don't know that, but it must be a crap" for any other message board... Thank you very much. ;-)
  2. Machal


    It seems to me very risky.

    Some chat user told me, that 90% of them are BS, that pay you for a while from new comers money. People then think, that it works, so they will send more money... and they wont pay them anymore...

    On other side, 10% are serious... :)

    There should be some clubs on the web, groups of people, who share informations about serious programs and BS... Try put HYIP to Google or any other machine and go through that links... but... it may be easier made yourself profitable at stock markets... :D

    Please, don't get me wrong. :cool:

    I wish you luck.
  3. The oldest scams in the world just taking on a new face with the internet.

    A fool and his money is easily separated ...
  4. Machal


    metooxx - Can you write more informations about that?
    Just a few facts?

    It is very easy to say, what you did.

    Chat should be about sharing experiences or informations, I think.

    This sort of suppositions are totally useless.

    Have a nice day. :)

    P.S.: I think that HYIP is scam too, but I am allways looking for fact, before I will say thing like that.

    P.S2.: Why did you start to trade? If you ask people about trading, majority will tell you, that it doesn't work, that you will lose all your money etc..... :)
  5. They were lucky to get together in the first place.
  6. I agree with both assertions.
  7. trdrmac


    There are so many of these Ponzi type scams that come about every day that it is very hard to be specific. Other than to say if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. www.quatloos.com is one of the best sites that I know of for information on scams.

    If you pick up a copy of Barrons they have a section on closed end funds. These are funds that trade on public exchanges like Amex, NYSE and Nasdaq, so they are subject to some listing requirements. If you make a list of the Real Estate, Preferred, Convertible, High yield, and Emerging Market Debt Funds you will get an idea of what is on the market.

    Further, if you create an average yield, then you will get an idea of what the MARKET is paying for risk. If someone is paying much more than that, they are either taking a lot of risk, full of shit or damn good. And how many people have you met in your life that you would consider damn good?

    Finally, take a look at CVT on a long term chart. Here is a manager that did really well running a convertible fund for a long time. What happened over the past year?

    ain't no free lunches, especially on Broad and Wall.
  8. gnome


    Speaking of "quatloos"... remember the Star Trek episode where the Drill Thralls had to fight to the death and the "3 Brains" which ran the society bet Quatloos on the battle winners? And Shauna, the HOT blond chick trying to skewer Captain Kirk? (Until he kissed her, of course, and defied the Prime Directive.) Ahhh.... The world sould be so complicated now....
  9. dis


    Who needs HYIP when turkish short-maturity debt yields 30% above the inflation rate? :cool:
  10. I think I will send them a check in the morning ...
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