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    Transact Futures Transact Futures

    TransAct Futures-is the firm for active electronic futures traders who don’t want to give up service quality for preferential pricing.

    Developed and continually tested by our own professional traders, the TransactAT™ active trading platform is built to the rigorous standards of professional scalping, inter-market spreading, arbitrage and position trading.

    At $1.71 per E-mini contract, all-in (inclusive of exchange and NFA fees), our clearing rates are among the lowest in the industry, and TransactAT is free to active traders*.

    Unlike most firms, TransAct Futures Integrated Support™ provides a front-line support team that knows TransactAT inside and out and deftly handles trading issues.

    Call for our Elitetrader.com special.

    *free for traders trading an average of 18 roundturns a day.
  2. dave shorrs group?
  3. Transact Futures

    Transact Futures Transact Futures

    It use to be affiliated with Mr. Shorr but they have parted ways.
  4. good luck to your group
  5. Transact Futures,

    I like to hear you offer a new service.
    Your website does not state some important information:

    Can you please specifiy:

    - Which exchanges are supported ?
    - Can you give a rough commission estimate for Eurex products, e.g. FGBL ?
    - Do you offer multicurrency accounts / trading ?
  6. Transact Futures

    Transact Futures Transact Futures

    Our costs are very easy. We charge .55 per lot plus exchange fees. After 5000 lots traded we lower our commissions.

    We offer Eurex, EurexUS, CME and e-CBOT. The price is the same for all 4 exchanges. We do not add any costs if you want to trade on all 4 exchanges with our platform.

    I would like more information on the multi currency accounts but your pnl will show up in the currency you are trading. If you trade Eurex it will show up in Euro's.
  7. vix


    What is the minimum account size and margin for the ES?
  8. nitro



    .55 cents per side your commission +
    1.00 exchange fees +
    .04 NFA fees
    = $1.59 per roundtrip?

    Any platform fees?

    Do you have an API, like FIX, for automated trading?

  9. Transact Futures

    Transact Futures Transact Futures

    !0,000 minimum account 500 margins for e-minis.

    The only platform fee is if you do not do the 727 lots per month. Basically we tick off .55 off of 400 per month. If you do 200 worth of commissions a month the platform fee will be 200 dollars. If you do 727 lots a month all 4 exchanges are included the platform is free.
  10. Transact Futures

    Transact Futures Transact Futures

    We are working on an open API at this moment.
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