High Volume Emini Traders

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by metooxx, May 3, 2003.

  1. Looking for some high volume Emini traders to joint venture.

    Fees will be comparable to lease rates, you have to be consistent and capitalized.

    The question is how many cars a month are you doing ...
  2. what's your preferred broker and machine configuration?

    TT trader?

    IB, MB, other wise?

    do you cross hedge, after all 40 EMinis = 8 or so SP500 large or so?
  3. We use proprietary software.



  4. no need to discuss openly, PM me...
  5. OK ...
  6. Metooxx,

    What are the rates ?

    And what is high Volume ?

  7. Lease rates;

    Need about 20 guys; so whatever the highest 20 have.
  8. Where are you guys?
  9. By any means avoiding Globex (for obvious reasons ...).

  10. Daytrading only or can we hold overnight ?
    #10     May 5, 2003