high speed trading robots

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  1. How does it affect them?

    These 'bots are scamming $billions from other trader/investors & mutual funds due to manipulation and "colocating" at exchanges.

    They're all in bed to screw everybody else. Look at intraday charts & you can see how this market has changed over the last 3-4 years. These scammers have totally changed the market.
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    care to give an example.
  3. 1) It depends on your time horizon.
    2) Longer-term traders/investors shouldn't care because it doesn't affect longer-term trends.
    3) Shorter-term oriented traders should be concerned because they'll tend to be "last to arrive at the buffett table" if they're using slower order entry to the market.
    4 If there are too many robots/algos in the market, they'll eventually cannibalize one another and shake out the weaklings. :cool: