HIGH SPEED "TF" (ICE mini Russell 2000) Trading!!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by increasenow, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. HIGH SPEED "TF" (ICE mini Russell 2000) Trading!!

    I made my 1st TF (ICE mini Russell 2000) trade today Oct. 17, 2008:

    1 trade
    1 contract
    Time Trade Lasted: :20 seconds
    Net Profit (after commissions): $170.00

    Order was a "market order"...got a great fill. Trade was in the afternoon and market momentum was heading south...got in for a :20 second ride...SHOULD have stayed in longer for a good 5-6 point gain...

    anyone else trade the TF today?
    what has your experience trading the TF been?
  2. the range on the TF has been simply amazing...simply amazing:

    yesterday 57
    today 40
    5 day average: 56
    20 day average: 45

    The VOLUME as been AWESOME!!!!!

    226K yesterday
    335K today

    WOW!!!...the ER2 is BACK!!!!!!!!!!....ooops, I know...the "TF"
  3. does anyone know anybody who throws 2,4,5 cars at the TF (mini Russell)..man, that would be quite a lot...
  4. 2 great things about the TF are:

    **tight granularity on bid/ask spread..usually .10, .20

    **great per point value= $100.00

    **1 tick=.10=$10
  5. hey guys...come on...you trading this mammoth contract...come on...reply and start a dialoque here...
  6. LOL @ 5 contracts being mammoth.....
  7. I will have to agree with increasenow...trading the ER or TF on ICE, those moves will make you or break you.....while the ES makes $1000 move the ER2/TF is at least double and when it moves, is like a train with no brakes
  8. I would like to see the experience of people who trade 100 cars, whether all at once or scaled in. ER and YM, maybe NQ.

  9. okay...who here trades 5 miniRussell contracts?...anyone???...do the math...5 TF cars and 1 little TF point...that is $500.00!!!!!!!...serious cash-o-la!
  10. me also...love to hear from someone that does that...I do not think it could happen in the YM or the ER/TF...perhaps only the NQ and ES...I know for sure the ES...
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