High School Student, Forbidden From Wearing Rosary For His Grandma

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Jun 8, 2012.

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    Oh boy, more big government intrusion and loss of personal liberty.

    Chalk up one for liberals.
  3. They should not have done it because it represents a gang, they should have done it because it represents the stupidity of religion which has no place in an institution of learning. They should have done it because wearing rosary beads to save your grandmother from cancer is equivalent to praying or making animal sacrifice. Both are useless and an affront to knowledge and logic, both of which schools are supposed to teach.
  4. Praying gives people something to do so they don't feel so helpless.

    "What can I do?"


    "I want to do something, anything."

    "Go light a candle"

    The end.
  5. What are you on about? Religious freedom, period the end. Not your business.
  6. Maybe we should start outlawing ignorance and superstition. In other words religion. Maybe we should start letting science, knowledge and reality be our guide rather than letting religion to stupify, divide, and delude us. It's time the child grew up. When 45% of the country STILL believe in creationism something is seriously wrong. It's time to stop believing myths and start believing science, rather than rejecting it because it conflicts with the myths.

    The religious freedom to be stupid is conflicting with the rights of the more rational among us to improve the real world.
  7. If ignorance were outlawed, then YOU would be outlawed. Come to think of it, maybe that would be a good thing.
  8. Get a grip. The kid is wishing his Grandma to get well.
    As for the rest, I'm old enough to remember that MLK was a reverend, that it was the SCLC he was head of, and that a lot of Jews and Catholics risked their lives back then to help him out. Habitat for Humanity does a lot of good work as well, and they do that work as religious people. As do a ton of different religious charities that the poor depend on for food, clothing and shelter.
    "Christian" doesn't always mean reactionary, ignorant, and dumb as a post. It just seems that way if you watch these South-er-en second rate politicians.
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    its odd that ignorant et atheist would come here and tell us that a belief in a creator is ignorance when just about every top scientist in the world now says our universe appears to be very fine tuned.

    even hawking says that if you take a traditional approach to science our universe seems incredibly fine tuned as if by a Creator or you have to speculate (believe) there are almost infinite universes.
  10. You and Stalin would get along well. Stalin "outlawed ignorance" and then declared that everyone who disagreed with him was "ignorant."

    But rather than go the Stalin route, maybe you should try what the Catholic Church used to do: torture people until they publicly recant any beliefs you don't agree with. It's very effective. Iran is a big fan of this approach, too.
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