High-Risk Weather

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Martin Gale, Jan 4, 2008.

Does bad weather increase your risk?

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  1. Heck no -- I have safety systems in place

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  2. Yes, I am exposed to the elements

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  1. The weather is so bad (hurricane-force winds) in the SF Bay Area today that I'm suspending day trading for fear that the power will go out and I'll be stuck in a position. What's more, my phone keeps cutting out, so I worry that I wouldn't be able to call the broker. But it's a damn good day to make some $. Anyone else with this dilemma?
  2. Your poll reminds of the teacher asking students to raise their hands if they are not present today... :)
  3. cszulc


    We don't get too many outages over here in Illinois, unless it's a really bad storm and I just close out or limit my positions.

    What's even worse is if Comcast is working on the lines (like they were yesterday, argh lost $2k because of them) and they knock off the internet for awhile. I have redundant backups (dialup and calling my brokerage firm) and thats what I did yesterday.