High Quality Signals for Free Evaluation

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by franky1502, May 20, 2009.

  1. I have developed a system that gives high quality trading signals and would like to look for a partner who is interested in executing.

    The Signals

    Each session before 8:00am, I would select about 50 stocks to monitor real-time using a program. The program looks for recurrent patterns in which trends tend to continue. When sufficient interests turn up, signals are then sent out. The goal is to guide users to swing with the current.

    Who Would Benefit

    Signals should be best for those who are good at assessing trend strength, comfortable in switching markets whenever an opportunity presents and eager for methods that timely identify profitable trading windows.

    The system is also suitable to those who just got into this business, would like to know the kind of setups that a good trader tends to enter a position, and are interested in applying technical analysis to trading decision.


    Clearly, I am not selling a magic indicator, nor promising any presentation, but electing to face the ultimate test of making live calls. Bottom line, you have total control over how you'll do throughout and it costs you nothing to find out something potentially important. Just make sure that you are serious and believe you may have a good shot at making some money